Bianchi Oltre vs. Bianchi Specialissima: The comparison of the two Bianchi masterpieces for road cycling

Bianchi Oltre vs. Bianchi Specialissima: Il confronto dei due capolavori Bianchi per il ciclismo su strada

Among the top of Made in Italy racing bicycles, two jewels of Italian design stand out for their performance and style: the Bianchi Oltre and the Bianchi Specialissima.

Both embody the engineering excellence and refined aesthetics that characterize the Bianchi brand, but are aimed at cyclists with different needs and ambitions.

In this comparison, we will explore the peculiarities of each model to help you choose the ideal companion for your two-wheel competitions.

Aerodynamics vs. Lightness

Bianchi Oltre : Designed to be the reference hyperbike in terms of aerodynamics, the Oltre is Bianchi's response to the growing demand for fast and responsive bikes, optimized to cut through the air with maximum efficiency. With aggressive lines and features like the integrated cockpit, wind deflectors and aero head tube, the Oltre is designed for cyclists who want to maximize their speed on flats and hilly routes.

Bianchi Specialissima : The Specialissima, on the other hand, places emphasis on extreme lightness, responsiveness and versatility. With a weight that borders on the UCI limits and a carbon frame that guarantees excellent rigidity, the Specialissima is the favorite choice of climbers and cyclists looking for a bike capable of excelling in all types of terrain.


    Bianchi Oltre : The Oltre excels on flats and valleys, where its advanced aerodynamics translate into superior performance. Thanks to features such as the integrated aero cockpit and optimized frame design, the Oltre allows cyclists to save precious watts, translating into an advantage of seconds or even minutes over long distances. In crosswind conditions and at high speeds, the Oltre demonstrates stability and efficiency that allow you to maintain a high speed with less effort.

    Bianchi Specialissima : The Specialissima shines on climbs, where its lightness and stiffness offer an unparalleled advantage. Weighing just 6.6 kg for size 55 and a frame that weighs just 780 grams, the Specialissima allows climbers to tackle steep slopes with greater agility. The aerodynamic innovations derived from the Oltre, combined with the lightness of the frame, allow you to save up to 3.6 watts of power on 6% climbs, translating into an advantage of 8.7 seconds on a 10km climb compared to lower models optimized. This makes the Specialissima not only a champion on climbs, but also competitive on mixed sections and technical descents.

    Ride and Maneuverability

    Bianchi Oltre : The Oltre shines with its stability, smoothness and precision at high speeds, making it the ace in the hole for circuit races, technical descents and fast sections. Its advanced aerodynamics contribute to a fast, smooth and controlled ride, even when the wind blows.

    Bianchi Specialissima : The Specialissima, thanks to its lightness and balanced geometry, offers exceptional maneuverability and an immediate response to changes in direction, it is positioned as an all-rounder bike, excellent uphill but surprisingly effective even on mixed terrain, thanks to the its aerodynamic solutions derived from Oltre.


    The choice between Bianchi Oltre and Bianchi Specialissima depends on your priorities as a cyclist.

    If your passion is fast races and flat or hilly routes to be ridden at full throttle, the Oltre is your soulmate.

    If your heart beats for climbs but not only, and you want a bike that responds promptly to every pedal stroke on every route, the Specialissima will be your faithful lightweight pedaling companion.

    In both cases, choosing a Bianchi means opting for an uncompromising riding experience, where performance, style and passion come together in perfect Made in Italy harmony.